Best Ustraa Beard Growth Oil for Men India

Best Ustraa Beard Growth Oil for Men India

Ustraa Beard Growth Oil for Men – 35ml for Beard Growth

  • Specially formulated Beard Oil for Beard Growth
  • Our Beard Growth oil contains Redensyl, 8 natural oils and Vitamin- E for hair growth, nourishment and strength.
  • Redensyl – works on both hair roots and shaft, to re-balance hair’s natural cycle for hair growth.
  • 8 Natural Oils – Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Acai Berry Oil, Olive Oil, Gooseberry Oil, Watermelon Seed Oil – strengthen and nourish hair, repair damaged hair and reduce breakage.Vitamin E – strengthens hair follicles.
  • Our Beard Growth Oil is Sulphate and Paraben free.

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Best Ustraa Beard Growth Oil for Men India.

Beard deserves attention, not stress. We realized that a lot of our brothers are stressed with beard growth problems, and we took it as our own.We searched and found a breakthrough molecule that is natural and helps boost hair growth. Redensyl works on the hair follicle stem cells and promotes hair growth. We mixed it with 8 natural oils renowned for hair health and also empowered it with Vitamin-E.

Backed by the research team and not by the marketing team, this product is what you have always looked for.Redensyl, Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Acai Berry Oil, Olive Oil, Watermelon Seed Oil, Gooseberry oil, Vitamin-E form a Beard Bro gang, that fights all your beard growth worries.

How To Use :
1. Take desired quantity on palm
2. Massage the oil on the skin underneath the beard
3. Finish off by applying all over the beard
4. This product needs time and should be left on the skin and hair, either for the night or the day

From the manufacturer

Best Ustraa Beard Growth Oil for Men India

Specially Formulated for Beard Growth

This oil helps in the growth, nourishment and strengthening of beard hair.




Best Ustraa Beard Growth Oil for Men India

Magic of Redensyl

Redensyl helps in rebalancing your hair’s natural cycle in favour of hair growth over hair loss. It also helps protect your hair cells from dying.



Boosts Hair Growth

Redensyl helps in net gain of hair and regrwoth that continues overtime, leading to a fully grown beard.

Combination of 8 Natural Oils with Goodness of Vitamin E

Strengthen, Nourish and Repair

8 natural oils – argan oil, almond oil, avocado oil, castor oil, acai berry oil, olive oil, gooseberry oil, watermelon seed oil – strengthen and nourish hair, repair damaged hair and reduce breakage. It also lessens greying of hair.

Goodness of Vitamin E

Vitamin E help strengthen hair follicles and fight dry damaged hair.

How to Use – Step 1

Take the desired quantity on palm and apply the oil on beard hair follicles, touching the skin.

How to Use – Step 2

Rub the beard oil gently, without damaging the hair follicles.

One Stop Solution to Beard Growth

Growth, nourishment, strengthening and repair: A growth oil that solves all the beard problems.




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